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Getting Started

Starter Packs

We are offering a starter pack to allow your child to “try out” playing a musical instrument.  The cost of the starter pack is £30.00.  In this your child will receive five 30 minute individual lessons, the instrument (if required), initial music and other consumables are all included.

The Cost after Starter Packs

After completing a starter pack, your child will be offered further lessons should your child wish to continue learning an instrument.

We provide individual 30 minute (minimum) instrumental music tuition from £5 per week.  There is also a  membership subscription of £10 every half term.

Choice of Instruments

We offer a wide range of instruments that your child could learn these include:-

Brass instruments – Trumpet, Trombone

Woodwind instruments – Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

String Instruments – Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar

Percussion instruments – Drum Kit, Piano

Please note: Pianos & Drum Kits are not available for hire and starter packs are only available for children up to the age of 18.  

If you would like more information you can e mail us at or alternatively you can call Loraine Cawood on 07989 861 755.

Instruments and Lessons

We focus on the instruments that feature strongly in jazz and swing music.  The instruments that are available for you to play are:


DSC_7890 clonedTrumpet – The trumpet belongs to the brass family.  It is the highest pitched brass instrument.



Trombone_03Trombone – The trombone also belongs to the brass family of instruments.  A person that plays the trombone is called a trombonist or trombone player.



Clarinet_02Clarinet – The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that has a single reed mouthpiece.



Alto_02Alto Saxophone – The alto sax is a woodwind instrument.  It is smaller than the tenor saxophone.



Tenor_01Tenor Saxophone – The tenor sax is a medium sized saxophone.  The Pink Panther Theme is played on this one!



Bari_01Baritone Saxophone – The baritone saxophone or “Bari sax” is one of the largest saxophones.  You have to be quite big to play this one.


P1080213Piano – The piano is widely used in jazz and classical music.  A person that plays the piano is called a pianist.



Guitar_01Electric Guitar – The electric guitar is a string instrument.  It is typically played by strumming or plucking the strings with the right hand while fretting the strings with the left.


Bass_02Bass Guitar – The bass guitar is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb.



DSC_8019 (2)Drum Kit  – The drum kit is a member of the percussion family. The drum kit has a mix of drums and when played produces a rhythm.  Animal from the muppets plays this one!


All of these instruments are available for you to play.  Don’t worry we can loan you your chosen instrument so you don’t have to pay for one. The only instruments we don’t loan are drum kits and pianos.

All instruments are subject to availability.


Our main teaching days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. When organising lessons we try to negotiate a time that is suitable to both teacher and student.

The Barnsley Youth Jazz Orchestra

The Barnsley Youth Jazz Orchestra is aimed at our intermediate level students aged 11-18 years. We play standard swing band material as well as rock, pop, latin and soul music. We regularly perform a number of concerts throughout the year for various events.

If you would be interested in learning an instrument (or you already play an instrument) and joining a vibrant jazz orchestra and most importantly you want to have fun learning then contact Loraine  on 07989 861755.

Alternatively if you would like to book the Barnsley Youth Jazz Orchestra to play at your event please contact Andy our booking secretary on 07519 593091.

Or if you’d rather send an enquiry on either topic here and now then please complete the form below:

Concert at the Holiday Inn

This is a concert for both the Jazz Orchestra and the Swing Band.

It’s being held on Sunday 5th October at the Holiday Inn, Dodworth. It has been organised to start at 6pm so that our younger members in the Swing Band should be ok getting up for school the following morning! The Swing Band will be finished for approx 7.15pm and the Jazz orchestra by around 8pm. The meet times and door opening time are:

  • Jazz Orchestra meet time – 4pm (please bring a packed lunch)
  • Swing Band meet time – 5pm
  • Doors open at 5.30pm

This concert is open to everyone and is being held in the Scarlett Room. Families are encouraged to come and watch, entry is by donation. If you don’t have enough time to go home and come back then there is a bar and a comfortable foyer where you are welcome to wait until the doors open.

The address is:  Holiday Inn, Barnsley Rd, Dodworth, S75 9JT, which is just off  M1, Junction 37.

Cornwall Band Trip – August 2014

Millie Jackson gives her point of view on this years trip to Cornwall.

I could not think of a better way to round off a year of hard work and commitment than our annual trip to Cornwall. The beaches, the swimming pool, the games, the people and not forgetting the pasties all added together to make a wonderful week.


Everyone got the chance to get to know each other better whilst being given the freedom to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Cornwall has to offer. We explored the sights and excellent beaches, adventured through the rocks and swam in the sea. The beaming, glorious sunshine combined with the enjoyable, unique sound of the band entertained many. The gigs we do also support and raise money for the lifeboats that keeps the local town where we stay a happy and safe place to be.


So many friendships and memories were made in that fun filled week that we will all treasure forever.

Roll on 2015!!

Ecclesfield Gala

On a scorching hot day The Barnsley Youth Jazz Orchestra provided a carnival atmosphere at Ecclesfield gala in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  The gala was well attended with lots of stalls, fairground rides and food which was enjoyed by all the Jazz Orch.

photo 2

Our very own Jamie Shaw received his new Jazz Orch top from Andy Cawood as he gave a helping hand to the trombone section.

photo 1

A good time was had by all.  Well done everybody!